Enjoy the nearby!

The smartphone has become an impediment to physical human interaction, but we think it doesn't need to be that way. While coming and going to and from school or work, while taking a walk, we bury our face in our smartphones, e.g., we text or browse Facebook. We ignore the people around us.

At Nowy, we help you see who you're missing. We use your smartphone to show you who is right where you are, right then.

Nowy Connect is Ultra-local LinkedIn: it shows you who is nearby, people and companies. It works without tracking your GPS coordinates or killing your battery.

Nowy Friends is the radar for your nearby friends that runs on your smartphone and notifies you when a friend shows up. Try it out!

Nearby People is the app for meeting new, interesting people nearby. Try it out!

Check out our list of new ideas on how to improve your interaction with nearby people.

Your privacy is important. We don't track your location, nor store your profile information in the cloud. Learn more.

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