Frequently asked questions

Q: Is Nowy secure?
A: Yes. The communication between two Nowy users is encrypted.

Q: Does Nowy track my location?
A: No. It doesn't have to. Nowy uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to figure out who is around you.

Q: Is Nowy anonymous?
A: Partly. Nowy users who are not your Facebook friends do not know who you are. Your friends do.

Q: Are there privacy settings in Nowy?
A: Yes. You can block people.

Q: Does Nowy store my data in the cloud?
A: No. There is no centralized storage for your profile or your chat messages.

Q: How does Nowy work?
A: It uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to create a peer-to-peer connection between two phones.

Q: Why does Nowy need my Facebook account?
A: Nowy uses your Facebook account to extract your list of friends (so you'll get notified when they're around) and the list of pages you liked. It also uses your account to protect you from being impersonated by somebody else. After that, there's no need for your account anymore.

Q: Does Nowy require Internet?
A: Only when runnign the first time, to download your Facebook information. After that, there is no more need. But, if there is Internet, your Nowy experience gets better, because you can download other people's photos or listen to songs.

Q: Will Nowy work on Android smartphones?
A: Yes, soon.