Nowy Ideas

At Nowy, we continously think about how to improve your interaction with nearby people, how to make it easier, faster, simpler, more interesting.

Below is a list of ideas. Please browse them, and for each one that makes you go "Wow! I need that!," show us your support for it by signing up for its newsletter. Happy browsing!

  • Nowy Cards: Personal business cards
  • Nowy Tour Guide: Digital tour guide
  • Nowy Party: Facebook timeline for your party
  • Nowy Party Playlist: Collaborative party playlist
  • Nowy Payments: Ultra-local payments
  • Nowy Radio: Ultra-local, community-driven radio
  • Nowy Startups: Startup pitch cards
  • Omny: Everyone's private cook
  • For any questions, feel free to email us.